Camping out in Colombia

Fri. July 14, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Stretched along the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in South America, Colombia is a country that everyone should visit at least once in their life.

Getting there can be a challenge while navigating airports and flights in current times with direct options from Florida.

Avianca is the largest airline in Colombia and LATAM is a Chilean airline based in Santiago but is often used in countries such as Colombia, among several others.

Upon arrival at the first Spanish settlement in Colombia, tourists will notice that Santa Marta is a tropical town full of character. Some may make the trek to the Lost City, which involves hiking and heat over the course of several days while others will opt for a luxurious experience at a hotel.

Hilton Santa Marta has created a relaxing getaway on the edge of Pozos Colorados that is about 30 minutes from Downtown Santa Marta and near Tayrona National Nature Park.

On the property, there are multiple places to eat and unwind, even on a secluded beach. Nuggu is on the first floor with a fresh breakfast buffet served every day and the Naufrago restaurant a few floors above offers an upscale dinner experience. Uzu, the bar on the roof, is the hot spot to see the sunset at dusk each day while lounging poolside.

There are breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea from multiple private balconies and the rooms are spacious with marble floors to accompany the sleek, modern furniture.

Upon a recent visit, the staff was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. For a change of scenery, our group flew over to a completely different part of Colombia with much more vegetation.

“The City of Eternal Spring,” Medellin is blessed with a temperate climate and is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. It has a lush and leafy landscape within the city that was in stark contrast to Santa Marta's beach vibe.

Named for the coastal towns of the Aegean Sea, the Click Clack Hotel Medellin will give travelers a comfortable place to stay and attracts a youthful energy in the El Poblado area of town.

There's an open-air courtyard on the first floor and dining options throughout the venue including two different swanky rooftops.

The size of rooms ranges from extra small to extra large with private balconies included in some of the bigger options. Counter space and darker lighting can be challenging to navigate in the smaller options, but for those that don't plan on spending much time indoors, the XS has the right price.

Art has been curated throughout the modern venue and the creative team behind this guest house obviously thinks outside the box. Older travelers will have to adapt to this progressive property, which adds to the overall bold experience offered at Click Clack.

Security is tight at the hotel following a robbery last year and, like any major city, criminals prey on tourists. Be aware of your surroundings and secure your valuables as much as possible. In general, the good people of Colombia are friendly and helpful, just like the staff found these well-maintained establishments.

Visit and for more information on booking a reservation and lots more. Finding a place to stay while exploring the vast world of Colombia is half the battle!