Steak 48 serves up a sizzling good time

Sat. March 25, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Steak 48 is serving up some memorable dishes these days paired with an ambiance that guests may never forget. The steakhouse was launched as Steak 44 because the address was first on North 44th Street in Phoenix, Arizona, the 48th state. It can also stand for the 48 different wines served on the extensive menu.

The space at 615 North Wabash Avenue may not look like much from the exterior but once inside the environment has an immersive feel to the overall experience. There's a welcoming bar close to the host stand, private rooms and a very public glass-covered open kitchen concept. There's additional second-floor seating above and single-person bathrooms for all genders.

A preference for white or black linen is asked by staff every time as diners have a seat at the cozy tables located inside Steak 48.

Begin your culinary adventure with a prequel of martinis such as the stone fruit packed with a punch of Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom Vodka or if tequila is more to your taste try the Codigo Rosa Tequila vesper with Chopin Vodka.

While perusing the menu, the seafood aspect may surprise some in a beef-focused restaurant, but test the waters as there's a lot to explore. Start off by swimming over to select the crispy shrimp appetizer tossed in sweet Thai chili and served with house-made garlic aioli on the side.

Dive over to the fresh sustainable fishery section and snap up some jumbo Alaskan king crab legs accompanied by delicious drawn butter.

Add the bone-in filet mignon to your order. It is always tender thanks to the process of being wet-aged for 28 days. Try the extremely tender Westholme Australian Wagyu filet in either the 8-ounce or 12-ounce size. USDA Prime displays the quality invested in Steak 48 and when it hits the table beware of the 500-degree plate that keeps the meat sizzling.

Yes, the “sides matter” and standouts include the corn creme brûlée that finishes like a dessert and the roasted brussels sprouts. The corn creme brûlée will finish like a dessert thanks to the sweet corn combined with turbinado sugar.

Speaking of desserts, the triple layer key lime pie is dense but filling and the beignets served on a metal tray are simply over the top good with a chocolate Nutella ganache and a vanilla creme anglaise served right on the side. Executive pastry chef Christine Conner clearly knows what she is doing.

There's a lot at steak here with USDA Prime being featured and this place is a cut above the rest. Expect impeccable and attentive service to be rolled out under dimly enhanced lighting within a slick, modern atmosphere. Book a date at before it's too late!