Sfera serves up delicious Italian street food indoors

Sun. December 4, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Sfera is Italian for "sphere" and it is easy to see that the restaurant group at Sfera Sicilian Street Food is having a ball while satisfying their customers. Located in the center of Edgewater at 5759 N. Broadway, this growing business gives Chicago guests a taster of Italy right in their backyard.

What began as a meeting at a local gym between two members of the LGBTQ+ community, chef Steven Jarczyk and Daniela Vitale, has now grown into a budding business of both epic proportions and portions.

This dynamic duo has fought and worked hard to create a place that is equally a restaurant and a gift shop. The road hasn't been easy for the two after working in a ghost kitchen with limited kitchen space and exposure while trying to spread the word about what they offer at the table.

A sphere is a solid object where all points are an equal distance from each other and this team presents some solid merchandise on display in their new home. Look for drinks to take home such as A'Siciliana Aranciata Soda or packages of Sfera's Sicilian-style coffee. Currently, there are holiday offerings to aid in home cooking so don't delay in picking up some of their premium oils for your own kitchen.

Don't sleep on the arancini that the cooks prepare fresh daily. It is a ball of goodness that is crispy and filled with risotto and a choice of beef, mushroom ragu or roasted red pepper. The insalate or salads offered are kept simple with arugula, pasta or seasonal selections. The hearty vegan salad contained fresh broccoli and onions with housemade flavors mixed in to spice it up.

Plan for some big bites in the Sicilian sandwich department as they don't skimp on the deli meats that are packed inside the focaccia bread. Select a salami, chicken or toasted flatbread sandwich among others.

Plan a pizza party with the distinct styles of four current types ranging from simple mozzarella to one inspired by Chicago with sausage and marinara. The pecorino breadcrumb topping is messy but well worth the clean up time afterward.

Finish off the experience with some dolce or sweets such as the pistachio cherry cassata cupcake or the blood orange and chocolate cassata cupcake. They are both rich in flavor and packed with creamy goodness.

Pop in to pop a squat at a cozy table or order out at or call 847-957-3045. Sfera will make you say "chow" I mean "ciao" whether you are arriving or departing. The team at Sfera treats customers just like family and that's amore!