Bring home some Tastes of Chicago

Tue. October 4, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Two iconic restaurants in Chicago have come together to create some epic cuisine together for Tastes of Chicago. Portillo's is a popular casual food chain specializing in Windy City offerings such as hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. Lou Malnati's Pizzeria makes Chicago-style pizza, which is a deep-dish pizza comprised of cheese and thick dough. 

Bring the two together to form mouth-watering deliciousness that only this duo can offer. handles all the shipping to deliver this right to a patron's doorstep. Boxed up with a solid block of dry ice keeps the pie frozen and ready to pop in your freezer once it arrives. 

Tastes of Chicago already offers six varieties of Lou Malnati's pizza ranging from crustless to gluten-free. The website has Portillo's packages with an Italian beef kit or hot dog kit for people to order. Combining the two together is a match made in heaven and a brilliant idea. 

Can you imagine what could happen if McDonald's and Burger King joined forces? The sky would be the limit, but not likely to happen. 

Lucky for us these Midwesterners know how to get along and bring the beef!

Portillo's giardiniera puts the S in Spicy with each bite packing a punch thanks to the topping of jalapeno peppers. The sweet pepper version was much smoother for this delicate stomach and hopefully, in the future, just the beef is an option as it is good all on its own.  

The amount of cheese was perfect and strung me from bite to bite. This is such a unique opportunity for those that are outside of the Illinois area to try something we Chicagoans are quite proud of, our food. 


Click over to to start ordering today, just don't forget Portillo's heart-shaped chocolate cake for dessert!