Make a trip to Guanajuato today without leaving Illinois

Fri. September 23, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Residents in Illinois are still recovering from the recent local celebrations of Mexican Independence Day on September 16, but for many, the party never stops. If one is looking for some delicious Mexican food search no further than Guanajuato at 1005 Green Bay Road in Winnetka.

Not to be confused with the actual region in central Mexico, Guanajuato is also a restaurant location with a history as rich as its food. The team has created an environment that is welcoming to all while holding fast to strong traditions and family recipes passed down through the generations.

While the cuisine is inspired by casual street food, Guanajuato has a first-class presentation overall and always attentive service.

Begin with the chunky guacamole to accompany the free chips and salsa then try the three Enchiladas San Miguel with a choice of cheese, chicken or steak served with a side of rice and beans. The carne asada is another bold choice to make with a tasty marinade accompanying the skirt steak. There is also a wide array of seafood options with everything from chipotle shrimp to margarita salmon.

To wash it down, sip on a gold margarita or Mexican Coke along the way.

The sister restaurant Tacos Guanajuato is excellent as well which was discovered after a recent review. Comparing both establishments can be a challenge with two very distinct personalities. Both are owned and operated by chefs Margarita Challenger and Jovanny Diaz plus the creative team of Salsalito, Inc.

Tacos Guanajuato is newer with a fresh and vibrant personality while the original location is cozy and classic. The menu is solid at both places. Must-try items include the incredibly flavorful mole sauce that is simply out of this world and for dessert don't sleep on the gluten-free tres leches cake!

Time is running out to enjoy outdoor patios with cooler weather quickly approaching, although there are options to keep warm with a cuddle in the booths indoors at this establishment. Visit and plan your getaway in the suburbs today!