Purple House Party with a pool, pineapples and pork

Wed. August 24, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The people at Purple House Chicago, 3605 N. Kimball Avenue, threw a pool party to promote several products for the press recently. As guests enter the backyard of the place they will notice an intimate pond for swimming and a rentable trailer for a unique workspace. 

This top 10 Bungalow Garden Contest finalist has been featured on HGTV and WGN-TV thanks to a home renovation project that continues to pay off.

The Nude Food Dudes Seth and Ryan were on hand at the party to grill some delicious Vander Farmers wagyu beef to sample for attendees. This number-one American wagyu producer in the Midwest was worth the wait with this high-quality meat that was simply mouth-watering. The Dudes cooked up some tasty sliders to perfection on that hazy Sunday as well. 

For beverages, no one does it quite like Dottie May's Oatmilk Cream Liqueur. Adding this dairy-free liqueur that combines American whiskey with oat milk to a pina colada is the way to go. 


Here's a quick recipe for the Dottie Coladie, I mean Colada: First grab your blender and plug it in!

Add Dottie May's Oatmilk Cream Liqueur to your favorite pineapple rum with a little pineapple juice mixed in for good luck. Blend in about two cups of ice depending on thickness preference. If you like it chunkier just add more ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge, a small paper umbrella and a straw. 

Slurp down this beverage in your favorite space, preferably a backyard with a refreshing water feature to dunk your toes in! 

Throwing the perfect backyard barbeque is sometimes a daunting task but with a well-organized gameplan and two Nude Food Dudes it's a snap! 

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