Piccolo Buco opens up in Oakbrook

Sat. June 11, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant are now presenting a brand new Italian venture with a stunning property called Piccolo Buco at 1818 Oakbrook Center in Oakbrook, Illinois. Referring to a small hole in the wall with the translation of the title, this sleek and modern establishment has a bustling wide-open dining room ready to serve guests. 

This place seems perfect for the lunch crowd who might be hungry from a shopping excursion at the mall nearby. The menu also reflects what midday diners will certainly crave with plenty of lighter fare to choose from thanks to the charming and talented Chef Luca Issa.

Luca lucked out when Cooper's Hawk founder Tim McEnery fell in love with his pizza pies because the collaboration seemed to be rolling out smoothly after observing an early trial run. This Neapolitan-style pizza might take some getting used to but that won't take long thanks to rich ingredients that have people's taste buds popping in no time! 

Take a trip to Rome by starting with the four cheese arancini "Suppli" that packs plenty into each perfectly flavored bite. For other tasty appetizers snap up the crispy stuffed squash blossoms for a distinct taste and crunch. 


The pizzas are enough reason to travel to Piccolo Buco thanks to a fluffed-up crust with imported Italian flour. For those not familiar with the pizza from Naples, it is known for being quickly baked in an oven leaving the crust charred and pillowy all at the same time. 

Scissors are offered tableside to make slices adds to the quirky experience, especially when one is left-handed like me!

Go for a variety of individual pies with mouth-watering toppings such as wild mushrooms and whipped cheese. There are vegan and vegetarian choices as well.

For pasta, a must-try item is the hand-rolled three-finger cavatelli with a rich and thick unforgettable cream sauce. Don't forget to cram in dessert by ordering Mama Luca's Tiramisu at the end with an espresso to wash it down. 

Of course, the award-winning Cooper's Hawk company knows the right wines to pair with the cuisine and many are chosen from its in-house collection. Ask your knowledgeable server for ideas and more suggestions are located on the menu. 

The ingredients used in the family recipes and cooked in an open kitchen matter in terms of taste and quality contained in each dish. This shows in the simplicity of the presentation and stellar service at the rollout. 

Piccolo Buco is a worthy addition to the Cooper's Hawk family and shows promise of an even brighter future for the restaurant group. Plan a visit at and have a taste of Italy today!