Rebel's Hot Chicken is Fire

Fri. January 14, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Bottleneck Management presents two locations for people to enjoy Rebel's Hot Chicken in Illinois. One is at 1419 N Wells Street at the Old Town Pour House in Chicago and the other is inside City Works at 365 W. Dundee Road in Wheeling. These Chickens aren't scared but live in a ghost kitchen making them a bit tricky to find.

Orders can be placed through and the virtual restaurant concept cuts down on wait times for delivery and pickup. Grubhub, Uber Eats and Door Dash all currently offer delivery options.

The Old Town Pour House spot just opened in November of 2021 and is already bustling with activity. Ready for a rip-roaring good time with a party in your mouth? My mouth was raised in Nashville and was still not prepared for the secrets in the sauce.

There's plenty to remind one of the South on the menu. Start off with the spicy cauliflower or fried pickles. The jumbo chicken wings are exceptional in size and taste. Pair some of the special ranch dressing along with those wings to cool things down a bit. I had some of my Latina coworkers taste some of the sauce and they struggled with it, caliente!

Warm-up some more with the crispy popcorn chicken nachos accompanied with creamy jalapeno cheese sauce. The chicken wrap was a smoother ride and really hit the spot in terms of flavor and spice. The fries were just right and a tricky item to keep fresh in a storage container. The packing of the individual items was on point in general and several sauces were placed in small containers to avoid making the meal soggy with steam.

Kid's items along with sodas or a Moscow Mule kit for adults were offered to wash it all down. There were no desserts on the menu, so how about some apple pie to complete the experience in the future?

One tip is to sign up for the Bottleneck rewards app and gain $20 for every $200 spent. Advantages like this will surely add up as diners eat the hot chicken hearts out.

Possibly one day Rebel's Hot Chicken will have a free-standing brick-and-mortar store to experience, but until then enjoy it at home!