Blanco Cocina + Cantina opens on taco Tuesday

Mon. August 16, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Blanco Cocina + Cantina is opening to the public on Tuesday, August 17, but some were able to try a special preview this past weekend. This modern Mexican restaurant is located at 2022 Spring Road in Oak Brook, Illinois. The site is in perfect view from people visiting Oakbrook Center, a massive shopping destination in Chicago's western suburbs. 

Blanco is part of Fox Restaurant Concepts, based out of Arizona and definitely has some of those southwestern influences in the food offered. 

The menu at Blanco Cocina highlights a broad variety of Mexican cuisine with an array of options to choose from. The value is very good for what diners will receive for the price, especially in this high end shopping district. 

For appetizers, start with the warm queso. There's a dab of guacamole and sour cream on top of a smooth concoction that leans more toward a liquid consistency, as opposed to the thicker standard cheese dip. 

Main dishes include chimichangas with short rib or braised chicken. There is a wide assortment of tacos with tasty ingredients to pick from, such as grilled mahi and carnitas. The carne asada was served with carmelized onions along with sides of rice and beans. The beans were particularly delicious, but served with bacon, so keep that in mind if you are vegetarian. 

For dessert, the Mexican chocolate tiramisu was a true original with cookies, chocolate mousse and candied walnuts. Dig deep and taste all the ingredients mixed together for a tiramisu that separates itself from traditional Italian fare. 

Margaritas are a must when visiting Blanco Cocina and go for a pitcher if you are in a group. Sample the refreshing smashed watermelon or the strawberry habanero if you crave a little spice in your life. The skinny margarita went down smooth and didn't have an overpowering tequila aftertaste found in some places. 

The dining room is dimly lit to set the mood and the music was just a tad loud, but quite festive. The organizers have created a casual atmosphere with exotic plants and an open kitchen in the large 8,500 square space. A long patio runs along the outside of the building with small homages to icons Emiiano Zapata and Frida Kahlo painted on the exterior.  

Even though the night I went was an early preview and the staff was still finding their footing, they all did a spectacular job and seemed very knowledgeable about the menu. Our server was almost too attentive, but I would rather have than someone who doesn't check on the table at all. 

The welcoming staff and presentation was certainly top notch and demands return visits when in the area. Blanco will definitely be a hot spot in the future and it's already the talk of the town. 

Plan a trip for a relaxed and tasty Mexican experience at or call 630-320-2034.