The Summer Inn opens just in time for summer

Fri. June 25, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Adolfo Garcia is bringing a new soon to be hot spot to Highland Park, Illinois this summer. Opening July 7, 2021, The Summer Inn, at 1850 2nd Street, is sure to be an instant hit with locals in the bustling shopping area. The moment one enters the premises, the lighting, wicker decor and hanging tropical plants immediately add to a feel that you are on an instant vacation. There's a breezy patio that runs along the length of the restaurant and a private room in the back that is perfect for planning a casual meeting or party. 

Much of the venue is painted white to display the roomy open air concept in the vast space. 

At a recent preview party, several items of the menu were sampled during a two hour gathering on June 24. Executive Chef Bob Zrenner has cooked up some delightful dishes that will demand a return trip and the attentive staff appeared ready for business. 

Sometimes hummus can have a bland taste, but not in this case. The edamame bean hummus mixes edamame beans with garbanzo beans plus tahini and is served with pita. The red roasted pepper hummus was similar but had a little more kick to it, so keep that in mind. 

The lobster guacamole was also extraordinary, thanks to Maine lobster buried under fresh guac and served with sea salt tortilla chips. 

For this taste test, the wood fire chicken, strip and pork loins were added to skewers of grilled bell peppers. It was like being at a cookout where someone else does all the work!

The fig flatbread is a must try item with figs, prosciutto, blue cheese and balsamic. Even if you aren't a fig fan, you might become one after trying this flavorful snack...

Another unforgettable item is the surf & turf burger. The cold water Maine lobster salad on top of half pound Pat LaFrieda burger hit the spot. The free-range turkey meatballs should also be a popular item when The Inn opens. Some guests might need a break from the seafood focused menu and there were plenty of things to choose from. Garcia obviously knows what he is doing with fish after his big success with The Diver in Downtown Chicago as one will witness here. 

The atmosphere here will certainly reel in drinkers with a refreshing cocktail menu. Sip on a signature offering called The Summer Inn containing London dry gin, simple syrup, blackberries and mint. A freshly picked flower garnish is picture perfect as anyone can see. It is the little details sometimes that will make a place standout from the rest and this team has already excelled in that department. The wine list is reasonably priced, so sit back and have several while washing your cares away on this staycation. 

The Summer Inn will soon have diners escaping their everyday lives with a new getaway destination that doesn't even require a passport. 

Visit to make a future reservation before this eatery fills to capacity!