Porkchop restaurant is now serving up drag

Sat. March 27, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Porkchop is a rustic style restaurant that focuses on tangy barbeque in the Chicago area. Being from the South, I was raised on comfort food and country sunshine, so my palate knows when a recipe works after a quick taste. Recently, the West Loop Porkchop BBQ location, at 1132 W. Grand Avenue, hosted a tasting party and guests were able to explore the establishment after sampling a variety of offerings. Owner Jovanis Bourgoub was on hand to greet the diners that evening and entertainment from the other room roamed about to perform for people as they ate. The Grand Cabaret room was quite cozy and currently has a drag brunch running on Sundays that will definitely require a return visit. Local drag favorite Muffy Fishbasket hosts and brings friends to perform such as Coco Sho-Nell and Mini Pearl Necklace. Combine that talent with an order of chicken and waffles please!

This Nunn returned to his roots by starting off with the fried pickles cooked in a cornmeal crust and a little dressing on the side. The pulled pork BBQ sliders were just what the doctor ordered after working a long week in healthcare for me. 

For a main course the meat plate was everything with sliced brisket so tender that it melts in your mouth and delicious rib tips in a rich barbeque sauce.

There are a lot of sides offered on the menu, but just the simple green beans had a crisp taste to them and the fries were unique as far as size and shape. The macaroni and cheese missed the mark a bit with the type of corkscrew pasta used, but the desserts at the end got us back on track. 

The white chocolate mousse cake was outstanding with a combination of rich flavors that was very satisfying. The cocktails to wash it all down were a success in execution from the bar. Daily specials such as a taco & tequila Tuesday with $5 margaritas and $3 cognac shots to accompany lobster on Wednesdays give drinkers something to always look forward to every week. A happy hour is also in the works, so stay tuned to this hot spot.

Current restaurant guidelines are required when visiting, including mask wearing and spaced seating. The fun, casual decor adds to the experience, although the music was loud, making it hard to hear when attempting to chat through a mask. Restaurant and bar owners everywhere should take note and realize times have changed. Atmosphere is everything when searching for safe spaces and we can't get close to other people's faces to socialize anymore. 

Overall, Porkchop BBQ has much to offer diners this spring in terms of comfort food and new entertainment. Bring on the brunch, the burlesque and the brisket! 

Visit for more of the menu, other locations offered and current store hours.