Grand Lux Cafe Treats Guests Like Royalty

Sun. March 7, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated company operates over 200 restaurants with The Cheesecake Factory brand and runs over 10 special locations with the Grand Lux Cafe group. Maybe Lux started as a cafe, but a palace is a more accurate description of the majestic space. The sheer square footage of over 20,000 feet and impressive, highend decor may leave some gasping before they even see the breathtaking view in Downtown Chicago at 600 N. Michigan Avenue. 

It is a tight run ship thanks to manager Sean Szmanesky and the experienced team as people will notice as they ride up the long escalator to the top at the entrance. Only partial use of the restaurant is currently allowed because of recent stipulations in Illinois, but guests should feel very safe with so many large, open areas throughout the dining area and adjoining rooms. 

After a quick bar code scan of the menu, diners have many strong contenders to choose from in the appetizer menu. From the fried buffalo chicken rolls to the crispy wontons served with peanut sauce as part of the Asian nachos, it is easy to over endulge at the beginning before the main course rolls out with such unforgettable selections. The volcano shrimp was a delight and matched well the spicy chili aioli drizzled over the top. There was extra sauce on the side for those that desire more dipping and I found the spices to not be too overpowering for the tasty, breaded shrimp. 

My friend raved about the Madeira chicken dish and with good reason, as it is served in a delicious wine and mushroom sauce poured around a perfectly cooked, sauteed chicken breast. 

The deconstructed Cafe Beef Wellington was my definitely favorite with small flaky biscuits placed on top of filet mignon steak medallions. Once again that Madeira wine sauce wins in this dish as well. For those that may not know, Madeira wine is a dry, fortified wine originating from the Portuguese Madeira Islands, off the coast of Africa. 

Be sure and save some room for after dinner drinks to pair with the incredible desserts offered at Grand Lux Cafe. The molten chocolate cake of course goes well with coffee and the New Orleans Beignets are simply irresistible and made for multiple dipping, served with three unique sauces. 

Before you leave, take home a box of a dozen housemade, chocolate chip, pecan cookies to warm up later. You will be glad you did!

Our server Gabriel was obviously experienced, attentive and knowledgeable as he guided us through a massive menu of overwhelming choices throughout the dinner. 

This large chain restaurant simply has a knack for making guests feel right at home with a welcoming staff in attendance and memorable cuisine presented professionally and timely tableside. Grand Lux Cafe will make you feel just like a king or a queen! 

Visit today for more on the Michigan Avenue and Ontario location, including limited delivery and takeout options.