Go Inside the World of van Gogh

Sat. February 13, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

If Vincent van Gogh were alive today he would be proud to see his life's work reimagined in such a unique setting. Immersive van Gogh Exhibit Chicago at 108 W. Germania Place is already a big hit with locals and is extended with new dates until September 6, 2021.

The classic Dutch painter's work is projected onto the walls of this historic Old Town space with classical music blasting in the background. Ticket holders can lose themselves in a world of imagination created by an iconic artist as they roam freely to check out every angle.

Mandatory masks, temperature checks and brief questions are just part of the current rules that one will encounter as they enter the three-story building. A coat check is offered to the left as guests climb the grand steps and take in the experience. Circles on the floor give hints on where to stand socially distant from others and mirrors are place strategically around for selfies to be taken along the way.

Be sure and climb even more steps to the balcony for an aerial view that is simply breathtaking.

This post-impressionistic icon created over 2,000 works and many of them are highlighted here including self portraits and of course, plenty of sunflowers. Other works range from The Starry Night to The Potato Eaters in a continuous loop of sound and video. This tortured artist has a legacy that mixes very well with this medium placing the spectator right inside the painting. 

As you exit, make sure to stop by the gift shop to pick up van Gogh gear to suit anyone who is a fan of the man. 

Arrive ready to be inspired and moved by what a person can accomplish in a short lifetime. Poor van Gogh lived until the young age of 37, but his legacy lives on thanks to the producers of this perfectly timed project. Artistic director Massimiliano Siccardi has brought van Gogh's vision to life at a time where people need art now more than ever in the world today.

Get out of the house and come immerse yourself into a one of a kind experience that surely fill to limited capacity. February and March are already sold out, so don't delay before this exhibit moves on to greener pastures eventually leaving Lighthouse ArtSpace Chicago.

Visit for tickets starting at $39.99 and current hours.