Nancy's Pizza Packs a Punch

Thu. October 8, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Just a year after this Nunn was born unto the world, Nancy's Pizza opened up in 1971. Now with 31 locations, it is easy to see why this pizza pie stands out from the rest of the pack.

When I moved to Chicago back in 1994, Nancy's was the first pizza joint I tried and it hasn't changed over the years as far as taste or quality. Like they say in the movie Mystic Pizza "Don't monkey with tradition" and Nancy's has thankfully kept the same, great recipe and original flavor intact.

The dining room has changed and evolved over time, while still honoring the past. Colorful pie pans adorn the wall and pictures of people involved in the successful business are featured with prominence inside the venue. Make sure and wash those hands in the Andy Warhol bathroom before beginning your belt busting meal in the restaurant.

David Howey is the current owner of the chain after purchasing the name from Nancy and Rocco Palese in 1990. Howey has such pride as he tells stories of the rich history and legacy that the iconic brand has grown into with good reason.

One day, the owner served up some of the extensive menu at the West Loop location, 1000 W. Washington Blvd., and it was a special treat to have him bring out his hard work to the table. He kicked off the food tour with a piling high plate of onion rings in a spicy sauce, then followed up with a fresh bacon ceasar salad.

The main event was of course pizza and we sampled a variety that day. The Uncle Tony's pizza comes in thin or deep dish versions with Italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers and onions. It is easy to see why this is a popular choice with diners thanks to a combo of flavors that packed a powerful punch. The sausage alone is reason enough for a return visit, but also think outside the typical pizza box with options that are unique such as the Chicago Beef style pizza with all the juicy fixings one can imagine and there are plenty of veggie choices to seek out across the menu as well.

Thin crust only options include BBQ chicken and Hawaiian BBQ for the pineapple lover in the family. If you can try one thing though, make it the deep dish and be prepared to feel stuffed afterwards. No one goes hungry in Nancy's home!

Sandwiches are another possibility with waffle fries or a mixed green salad inlcuded. The Godmother sandwich comes with breaded chicken coverd in a marinara sauce and The Godfather is similar to a French dip with garlic bread.

There are several pastas, such as the fettucine alfredo and rigatoni, to dig into on the menu. Finish things off with an order of cannoli. It's just like taking a trip to Italy while not being able to travel there currently.

Nancy's Pizza is the comfort food we need right now. A speedy delivery and carryout system are in place for people to order at This is also the best way to find a nearby location and learn more about what this delicious group has to offer.

Transport yourself back in time with an unforgettable experience at Nancy's Pizza like Nunn other!