Smokey Bones Hits Home

Sat. September 26, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

With current conditions in the world of restaurants, pick-up and delivery orders are becoming quite popular for locals in the Chicago area. While dining out is a luxury that is sometimes not possible, patrons now look for ways to bring home the bacon already cooked. Look no further than at 831 N. Sedwick St., for a steady stream of curbside pick up options.

Delivery and carryout customers stand outside while being kept spacially distant in the River North area each day while they wait for the kitchens to cook their meals in a secluded upstairs kitchen. Having a variety in one place makes it convenient for everyone involved and could be a new normal for the future of many restaurants.

Smokey Bones is part of the joint effort in this hot spot to give Chicago options for carryout. For those that complain about to-go orders not being the same as dining in, Bones does a solid job in appeasing those skeptics. Having strong, no spill plastic containers instead of styrofoam makes a big difference in terms of flavor and temperature.

The Smokey Bones jumbo smoked wings earn their namesake with a charred and smoky taste that is distinct. I have judged many times at Chicago WingFest over the years and let me tell you these are not to be missed. They are currently available in an eight or 16 count.

Another notable mention is the pulled pork sammy on the lunch menu. The BBQ sauce was extremely satisfying with a robust mix of just the right flavors. Whomever created that sauce knew what they were doing and should never give that secret recipe away!

The house made BBQ baked beans had a sweet taste to them that was pleasurable and the mac & cheese made me never want to eat noodles without some sausage links mixed in ever again.

For dessert, the hot bag o' donuts really did the trick. I am usually a chocolate person, but the accompanying delicious raspberry topping had me dipping more than usual, thanks to a powerful mix of addicting side sauce containers to choose from.

You can judge a chef by seeing how they execute their ingredients and Smokey Bones was right on target.

Fly over to for an extensive menu that demand plenty of return visits to this unique venue in the city.