FROTH Foams Up for Locals in Chicago

Sun. August 30, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Located in the lobby of a beautiful property is FROTH, 1515 W Monroe, a new place in the West Loop area that is more than just a coffee shop. The Duncan FLATS is growing with plans to have a bar below the front space. Meanwhile, FROTH is serving it up for patrons with a delicious menu and a convenient location for those living in the 260 luxury apartments above.

Start off your day with a flash brew or matcha latte with Rishi matcha green tea, then wolf down the breakfast sandwich placed between a ciabatta bun full of cheese with bacon or avocado possibly added to it.

The rasberry cherry lemonade really quenches a thirst on a hot day. The griddled dates were a pleasant surprise with the dark chocolate and almonds inside. They were bursting with flavor in a small package.

Chef Ollie Walleck serves up a fresh tasting and healthy tartine du jour on Publican sourdough bread. Here's a quick video to give you an idea:

The outside patio is beautiful, relaxing and space well for social distancing, although you have to be careful and respectful of the back to back sofas. The patio is currently limited to 25 people.

Hopefully, Walleck brings more food options in the future as he's off to a good start as far as ideas and execution.

While not in the typical area many consider to be the West Loop, it is close to the United Center and Union Park when concert season returns. Construction continues and one local I spoke with there is impressed by how much the neighborhood has changed for the better.

Some delivery is available at FROTH through GrubHub and carryout is also an option of course. Visit Froth.Cafe for more information on this locally run cafe that gives other chain coffee retailers a run for their money!