Learning About Lube

Sun. July 19, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Whether it's self love or slip sliding with a partner, everyone is looking for that perfect chemical romance between skin and lubricant these days. Lady Gaga might rather be dry, but most us prefer just the right amount of slickness raining down in our bedrooms. These days our hands may be dry or cracked from so much hand sanitizer, so it's important to find some welcome relief.

Lubes are divided into three types: silicone lubes, water-based lubes and oil-based lubes.Silicone lubes have a thicker consistency and will last longer. Don't use silicone with sex toys because it will break down the silicone that the toy is made from. Unlike silicone lubes, water-based lubes are very absorbent and need to be reapplied often. The good thing is there is less mess and it can sooth your skin. Oil-based lubes are the messiest of them all. They don't work well with condoms, but are good to double as a massage oil.

Let's take a look at a few current brands to see who lubrican or lubrican't do the job…

Starting off with a classic, Astroglide is a water based lubricant that is easy to clean up without any greasy residue. It is condom safe and designed to mimic natural body fluids.

Wet® is another well known brand and offers a variety of products including dessert with flavors such as frosted cupcake and salted caramel. You definitely won't be bored with Wet®.

An old-time favorite is Gun Oil although the tactical cream ran out of gas fast. Luckily, they have a large variety to choose from that make up for that glitch, such as the Gun Oil Loaded with a hybrid of water and silicone. Gun Oil should have you shooting in no time and may become habit forming.

Pjur Love best seller try kit comes with helpful products for your backdoor and the original formula is preservative and fragrance free. This best selling brand is perfect for all skin types and will even moisturize your body after use.

The award winning Ah! Yes WB organic lubricant has aloe vera as part of the ingredients. The WB stands for water based, so keep that in mind when purchasing, as it can dry out quickly.

Coconu wisely takes its name from the use of USDA certified organic coconut oil in the product. The hemp-derived CBD ingredient helps sooth sore muscles, making it valuable for massages and relaxation. It is edible and hypoallergenic at the same time and uses no alcohol. Having no fragrance is sometimes refreshing and gains points for mentioning that it is cruelty-free.

Bella Amore Passionale may sound fancy, but they are really down to earth. This is another CBD based lubricant containing 2.7 MG and enhances the blood flow. It is designed by women for women and is ready for every crack and crevice. You may feel all kinds of sensations after applying in intimate areas.

Jack Knob Polish continues that trend with more CBD infused lube that is similar to Bella Amore Passionale. The cannabis sativa seed extract ingredient is from American Grown Industrial Hemp. Jack's white bottle can be ordered in a travel size for all the on the go explorers. presents products geared towards women with some containing healing ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E and ginseng among others.

Valm makes an interesting, reasonably priced product that lasts long in a precision pump bottle. Just turn the pump to the lock position to avoid leaks on the nightstand. Valm was runner up to Spunk, who blew me out of the water.

Spunk Lube Hybrid really excelled in terms of product quality and variety making it the winner. Spunk's natural lubricant is almost like water and the pure silicone lubricant is possibly just right in terms of lasting power. The hybrid lubricant has the consistency of its namesake if that's your fetish. Spunk was a standout amongst the competition and a pleasant surprise.

No matter what brand you decide to go with, there will most likely be some trial and error before finding the perfect one for you. Many are carried at local drug stores or supermarkets, but you can avoid judgment at the check out lane by ordering online. Some even offer free shipping or free samples. Popular websites such as have a 10% off summer sale currently running and gives out free bottles every month for lucky winners.

Let's bring the Slip 'N Slide indoors with tons of lube offerings to choose from. We have advanced beyond the days of making spitting work.

While some folks make their lube from household products, see what the experts can do by trying out some of the first rate products mentioned in this article. For all the city slickers or country wankers, the world of lubricants is so much more than what meets the eye, so have fun getting down and dirty!