Don't Mistake The Mistakes I've Made

Tue. December 3, 2019 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

It's funny how we can look at another life and judge it by the mistakes we've seen or assume. All while we bask in the glory of our own losses and blunders. Why on earth would we cast judgement or worse, shame, on another person for mistakes, when we ourselves have been/done just as bad?

I think we forget that it is those mistakes or slip up's that have made us who we are. Them too! I'm often asked now, that I'm older, if I have any regrets. I do. To say I don't would be silly.

I wish things had gone in a different direction on a lot of things. I wish I wouldn't have reacted the way that I did in my youth. I wish I pushed myself harder in areas.

That said, regret can be a powerful ally. It is a reminder of choice. It is a catchall that can prevent you from repeating a mistake or action. It's perhaps one of the best accountability sources in our lives. I encourage you to use it.