Barton G. Brings Bang for Your Buck

Wed. March 27, 2019 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Barton G. The Restaurant opened in the previous Sullivan's Steakhouse space at 415 N. Dearborn St. For those diners that are not familiar with founder Barton G. Weiss' other locations, he is based out of Miami and brings an over-the-top experience to the table.

Upon entering guests will see how Weiss is inspired by apes. His pets at home have carried over into this pet project in the decor. Golden gorillas adorn several tables while fresh orchids and expensive green marble covers different walls.

It takes a large team of workers to handle the heavily Instagrammed dishes with accompaniments. The hustle and bustle of the staff can be a little distracting but they all seem to be on their A game across the board.

Start with a Sabrinatini martini named after Weiss' past pet chimpanzee. This is made with Grey Goose citron vodka, watermelon sorbet and St. Germaine. Drinks like the Buddhalicious are presented with a Buddha to accompany the vodka popsicle.

The place makes it fun to order items off the menu just to see what gimmick with be brought along for a photo moment.

The lobster pop tarts are a bit messy because of how the phyllo is cooked, but the presentation is genuis and slick.

There are several steak options that are char grilled such as the filet mignon and the 16 oz. tomahawk. Don't forget the sides to go with the steak such as the brussel sprouts on a branch. While a bit awkward to saw off the stalk, the side sauce is a real standout.

The truffle lobster trap mac & cheese is very rich and is served with a large mouse trap, a bit unnecessary since it takes up so much room on the table. The dish squeaks, I mean speaks, for itself.

For dessert one simply must try the Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll!!! Your server will arrive at the table with a mask and blowtorch ready to heat things up. The gold brick shell of the item is burned off with a chocolate ganache revealed underneath.

Chocolate lovers will have hit a gold mine!

The team at Barton G. have really created a rich experience for guests that is carefully orchestrated with all of the picture perfect moments to go along with the cuisine.

Book a reservation today at or by calling 312-260-5050 and don't forget to bring your camera!