Burgers and Boats

Fri. June 1, 2018 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Chicago Burger Company is busting out all over in June with a seasonal grand opening recently inside the Sheraton Grand Chicago at 301 E N Water St.

The brilliant idea of the hotel was to create a casual space where people can enjoy good food along with a Riverwalk view. There is even a Riverwalk Trail Lager to sip on when one is relaxing on the patio outside.

Dogs are welcome and a view of Navy Pier fireworks can be seen tableside a few days of the week throughout the summer months. Sit down service or self serve are both offered upon entering this establishment so there is no pressure.

The signature burger is a mouthful. There are carmelized onions, fried pickles and Applewood bacon on top. The fries are something special being crispy and soft at the same time with a side of cheddar cheese sauce. I was ready to explode in no time!

There's also a brand new restaurant in town with The Optima rising above the rest in a two story space at 1252 N. Wells.

Old Town Chicago is hopping and this place promises to pack in the people in the future. Starting with the first floor with a more casual feel and an outdoor patio there's plenty of room. Entertaiment is provided by DJs and local bands that play on select occasions.

Head upstairs for The Marquee with a more VIP vibe, complete with private baquet seating.

Start with the pretzels and cheese then go for hearty dishes like Ma's Meatloaf with confit mashed potatoes.

Wash things down with crafted cocktails such as the Pretty Vacant combining fresh cucumber, ginger, basil, lime, and soda. It was quite refreshing.

Visit for details on making a one of kind experience from the Glass Half Full Hospitality Group.