Parlay at Joy District has a memorable menu

Sun. May 13, 2018 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Say Hey to Parlay

Described as a sports bar, Parlay at Joy District's food does not reflect that sterotype. If you are expecting chicken wings and cheese sticks similar to Hooters, think again.

Exectuive chef Jason Hedin brings street cred from The Lobby at The Peninsula before landing this gig and it shows on the menu.

Start off with the avocado crab toast. Billed as a starter, this choice could be a full meal with a piling high amount of crab on top of sourdough bread. Mustard lime aioli and radish is mixed in to amp up the taste.

My little stomach wasn't ready for the massive Parlay burger with a double beef patty, pork belly, and sunny side up egg in between a brioche bun. It was a mouthful and expect a mess of goodness all over your plate. My only critique is that there is so much going that it's hard to get a taste for the beef itself.

The pork belly demands a return visit and is offered on sliders as well.

For dessert there's a Nutella pizza containing peanut butter, cinnamon ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whip cream. Nutella has grown in popularity in Chicago so will your belt size after eating this high calorie concoction.

Make sure to stop by 112 W. Hubbard St. to check out the creative sports decor, and visit the upstairs patio for a dynamic view of the city to accompany the delicious dine in experience.

Call 312-955-0339 or visit for more information today.