From Boston to Qdoba, two restaurant reviews

Mon. July 10, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Chain restaurants can be both good in bad. They specialize in a taste that can be tricky to keep consistent.

In Chicago there are over 8,000 restaurants so there is a lot of competition to run against.

Qdoba and Boston Market are a step above the typical fast food chains with ingredients one can feel good about.

Qdoba Mexican Eats keeps things casual and clean. It is a subsidiary of Jack in the Box, and competes with other chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Baja Fresh.

The new fire-roasted shrimp is a step in the right direction to make them stand out from the pack.

There are a variety of ways to try it such as the sufr & turf burrito bowl or in a taco.

The surf & turf combined black beans, pico de gallo and chimichurri sauce with the shrimp and steak. It will fill up a stomach without breaking the bank.

There are many healthy options offered by a personal burrito artist to make just the right combination. Wheat or flour tortillas? Guacamole or queso? White or brown rice? These are choices to be made as one walks down the ingredient line.

Boston Market has the same glass window set up where choices can be made visually. These are made at the register though before purchasing.

A half chicken with some hearty sides really hit the spot. Market's rotisserie chicken has a high quality taste that is just not the same if bought in the local grocery store.

When dining in the food is served on a plate with metal utensils that eliminates the waste of paper and plastic.

The new oven crisp chicken strips were delicious. This baked treat is offered in an individual meal to add sides to. It is surprisingly filling so proceed with caution.

The chocolate cake for dessert was rich and thick, so maybe save that one until after digestion of the meal.

For those calorie watches both location listed the amount on their menus to keep that summer body in shape. It really helps the person dining to make smart decisions about their diet.

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