Trick or Treats in March

Tue. March 14, 2017 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Nunn returned again to Time Out Chicago's annual event Treat Yo' Self. The second time around was even smoother now located at Architectual Artifacts.

While dessert centered there were other ways to make a person feel treated. Massages from the app Lisa and hairstyling was done onsite.

Delicious specialty cocktails were stirred up by bartenders thanks to liberation from Koval distillery.

The Cookie Spin made my sundae a funday with a pie and ice cream offering that was best in show at their table. Katherine Anne Confections, Osteria Langhe, and Bake Chicago were all the in the house to provide sweets.

Looking to the future? There was even a psychic from Chicago's Spiritual Boutique to enlighten with insight.

The samples presented were just the right amount not overwhelm attendees.

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Speaking of sweet treats hop over to Sprinkles for a tasty upscale cupcake on 50 E Walton St. The latest flavor is the new cookie cupcake. For those that enjoy cookie dough this is the one for you. There is a chocolate chip cookie crumble topped with brown sugar frosting. It is rich and worth the calories.

There is special care instructions included with the order, so please don't freeze or refrigerator. Room temperature is the way to go for best taste results.

There is a Sprinles perk program to partake in with free items such as a cucake on your birthday. Visit for details and locations today!