Swim Over To Jellyfish

Thu. October 29, 2015 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

A bit hidden from the busy foot traffic below Jellyfish is located at 1009 N. Rush Street. From the decor to the cuisine this place has a vision that works. The establishment began in 2012 and it has been nice to see how the place has grown, ironing out any kinks over the years.

Kicking off a fall menu recently the bar and restaurant packed in some of the hip diners from Chicago for an exclusive tasting.

The Dragon was on fire combining shrimp with barbequed eel. A real stand out was the Mexican roll where the jalapeno gave the bite a bite.

For cocktail the Mandarin Mule used Reyka vodka and the Lyons Mane brought out Cimarron Reposado tequila. The roasted pork belly was sparce and so popular it only made one round during the night. Don't miss the spicy crab tacos or the honey walnut shrimp next time you swing by.

The lounge is lit in blue and is at times a celebrity hang out. This pan-Asian place is an excellent start to an evening, whether having a cocktail at the bar or sitting down for dinner. The staff works hard for the money so you don't have to. Eat jellyfish for dinner at Jellyfish and your friends will be jealy!

Swim over soon to the Gold Coast to taste some coastal food in the heart of a busy shopping district. More details can be found at or by calling 312-660-3111.