Seasons Change

Wed. October 28, 2015 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Seasons 52 is a restaurant chain specializing in grilled food and wine that has never let me down. I have tried the suburban locations in Illinois and they are consistently top notch. The staff knows how to treat guests that visit especially when they have questions and need to be steered in the right direction. After working in the hospitality business for years I learned to ask your server who usually practically lives at the establishment what to order. If you have an honest person they won't try to sell you what item is part of their nightly contest. Don't start with "What should I order?" but instead "I like seafood, describe a dish for me." The server doesn't know your tastes and their taste is not always yours plus they might feel insulted if you go with the opposite of what they tell you if you ask the tired question, "What's good?" These are basics but you might be surprised that people don't know restaurant etiquette. With all the tourists surrounding the downtown Seasons 52 one might think the staff is jaded but that is not the case. They seemed honest, knowledgeable, and insightful, all important in service.

Currently Seasons 52 is spotlighting a harvest wine only available for a limited time. It was a little sweet and leaned towards the dessert wine taste but definitely good. A seasonal specialty cocktail the pumpkin pisco sour was delicious and served straight up.

During my visit I learned about the daily happy hour offered and I will be bringing in many customers just to try it as an alternative to Flemings right down the street. Duck Wing Lollipops are a must try and shishito peppers are hard to find in the city and very popular. Arrive at the right time and both are yours for $5! Happy hour is offered from 4:00 to 6:30 Monday through Friday.

There are five flatbreads currently running and make a great way to start off a meal. The lobster and mozzarella flatbread is an aiddtion to that and was excellent.

As another special I had the Chilean sea bass and it was incredible. That should definitely be moved onto the permanent menu. It was Asian glazed with black rice and shiitake mushrooms.

If you are a meat eater the grilled filet mignon and New York strip are don't miss features everyday.

If you go the vegetarian route then the porcini mushroom bisque soup should be a part of your meal.

Finally for dessert Seasons 52 is known for the mini desserts served in shot glasses basically. They are just the right amount of sweet tastes after a big meal. My favorite and my server's was the carrot cake with cinnamon honey. You don't have to be Bugs Bunny to enjoy it. I also like chocolate mized with peanut butter that one is a good one to try also.

Overall, the experience was not only elegant but an experience that had me and my friend raving about the place. This season head over to see for yourself

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