Mita Is Mighty Memorable

Fri. September 4, 2015 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Located in Bucktown in Chicago, Izakaya Mita is a Japanese restaurant that is already busy for a new joint even in the middle of the week. The name Izakaya means "to sit down at a sake shop" and Mita means "three fields of rice" so this makes the perfect combo describing the quaint atmoshpere and menu.

Here are some tips on how to make the dining experience there perfect.

Start off sharing a plate with a friend. Cozy up on the closeby tables to a neighbor and meet someone new while sampling the delicious offerings at Izakaya.

Make a stop off at the bar and get social during happy hour with $3 shots of Iwai, a Japanese whiskey. Mixing alcohol is a good thing in this place with Sepora beer working well along with a sake flight. Sock it to me!

There are both sweet and dry sakes to try out depending on preference. Other places may heat up the sake to kill the bitter taste but Mita serves it at room temperature and it was definitely smooth. Check out the drunken snapper flavor or wrap your head around the song of the sea snake sake.

The veggies were a hit with green beans in a sweet black sesame sauce and the spicy cucumbers were especially good. Skewers of pork belly and beef tenderloin hit the spot and who doesn't love an octopus ball?

For dessert the green tea cheesecake was not overwhelming finishing things off. It doesn't take tons of food to feel satisfied when the quality is good.

Starting on Friday and Saturday nights this venue now features a late night kitchen that is open until 1:00 a.m.

So swing by late to 1960 N. Damen for a quickly growing business that the owner who is a little sassy herself should be very proud of.

For more info visit or call 773-799-8677 today.