Tue. September 30, 2014 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

Sh_t Happens!
Yep, bad things happen to good people. Every day we see it in the news or on t.v. True is, how we respond to such incidents makes us who we are. Some folks believe we should turn the other cheek. Others think that Karma will rectify the situation. Some people even hold on to hate, as their form of retaliation.

The fact is life does give us moments that are crappy. Knowing that going into the experience helps. We can predetermine how we will deal with such things. Ever meet the person who's just always bitter? No matter how many good things happen to them, they seem to be pissed at the world. They've allowed the negative experiences to make them negative people.

What about the person who is convinced that every negative action will be responded to with an equal or greater negative action by the universe? That outlook seems to provide comfort for those in times of despair. Still, some see forgiveness as the best weapon against adverse situations in life.

A mixture of a few of these has been a great benefit to me. I have seen the power of forgiveness in my life. What most do not understand about forgiveness is the assumption that it is giving acceptance to the person or incident that caused pain. Forgiving someone for stealing your computer, for example, would seem to say what they did was right. However, the act of forgiveness does more for you, the forgiver, than it does for the individual you're forgiving. It doesn't say what was done to you is okay; rather it shows your inward ability to let go of things that hurt and move on.

Another way to look at karma would be from the positive perspective. Give and it will come back to you, always seems to work well. Bad things have happened to us all. There is one sure way to bring good things to the surface of your life. Do good things!

My experience is that everyone would like to impact their world. What better reason does one need than it will bring more happiness to yours! So do it! Honestly, get out and positively influence others. Volunteer your time and treasure in community groups. Make a difference with your life.

How do I do that, you ask? Look to the right of this article. You'll find great organizations to be involved in. Need more ideas? Hop on Bing and search "Volunteer in [the city you're living in]". You can also go to your city on, select community, and select the volunteers' link. It's that easy! There is simply no excuse.

The challenge to us all is to not allow the negative to outshine the positive in our lives. Karma's become the latest it word for retaliation. Perhaps we should switch that around and give positive karma the better placement in our lives.