B Scene

Tue. June 21, 2005 12:00 AM
by Jason Paul

Holy crap it's summer! It took a while to get here, but here it is just the same. We east coasters have a sixth sense for the imminent solstice, as we begin to fear the sudden rising in temperatures. We hate the humidity (and pretty much everything else). However there are few things that would inspire us to brave the bare sun, lose our couture to pit stains and consider the fashion of flip flops – a good tan and a good time. June promises both as National PRIDE month pledges to offer all communities all over simply the most fabulous in parties, events and shows!

The best bet for first getting into summer social gear is the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce's annual Midsommarfest ; that's Swedish for "massing of ‘mos." Seriously though, it's a great fun fair, more laid back than most others we Q's tend to attend, offering food, culture and lots of live entertainment for both straight and LGBT families to enjoy. RtVR was there Sunday and found it to be educational as well.

We learned that you can get the Trib delivered to your home for only a dollar a week. Upcoming cabaret star KYLE of @tmosphere and I photograph very well together (top photo). One might say that's a sign, while his boss CHARLIE totally rocks out (middle photo). Glöggs, a popular red wine slushy favored by the Swedes that many enthusiasts would turn a nose to, is actually very tasty and really messes you up. Drunk or sober, funnel cake is always good and some guys actually can pull off Capri pants. Go figure.

Midsommarfest also affords you the chance to finalize the rest of your PRIDE month's calendar as many of the locals are out canvassing their upcoming programs. One of which will be my favorite Neo-Furturists JONATHAN MASTRO and RACHEL CLAFF performing in a special Pride show benefit of "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind." Featuring 30 queer plays in 60 straight minutes this Saturday, June 25th at 8pm, all proceeds will go to Lambda Legal. Call Bob at (312) 663-4413 ext 32 to make your reservations.

Of course there will be daytime festivities catering to those few who actually like the light of day. The Halsted Merchants Association's annual PrideFest is a total don't miss this year featuring performances and guest appearances by LADY BUNNY, RuPAUL and our very own CIRCUIT MOM. It takes place on Halsted between Addison and Grace from 11am till 9 on Saturday.

And boys, while out celebrating please don't forget about our proud girls too. Give some love to the L-worders at this year's Back Lot Bash. Live Bands and Beer will be featured Saturday night behind Andersonville's Cheetah Gym in celebration of our girls who like girls.

Don't let the action stop post parade. July 8th through 11th, be sure to check out Open House Dance Collective's R/Evolve at the Theatre Building. Showcasing the dance works of 10 choreographers and 40 dancers, this year they're raising money for the Shannon Hardy Project and the American Cancer Society. JP had a brief glance during their all house rehearsal and it looks hot! Get your tickets now at (773) 327-5252.