B Scene

Tue. May 17, 2005 12:00 AM
by Jason Paul

It's "Don't You Know Who I Am?" Month down at RtVR HQ and the answer is a firm and definitive, "No."

Surely you've heard of this chick CIRCUIT MOM ? She's made quite a name for herself these last handful of years doing performances at parties and events all over the country. So much so she's started her own production company, under the same name, producing entertainment for said parties and events. The focus leans toward the promotion of its DJ's (That's Disk Jockey for the unhip) with headliner DJ MATTHEW HARVAT – Circuit Mom himself. As a boy, he's becoming quite a popular music mix master and is the featured DJ for the monthly PUSH parties (first Saturday of every month) at Circuit Nightclub. (S)he may even do a surprise C.M. performance during July's PUSH for Circuit Dad's 40th birthday!

It was some time since we arrived at the Queer as Folk Ancient Babylon Tour the first Sunday of May. Three gins to be precise. Catching a buzz on the second tier of Crobar's upper level, someone grabs me from the side and I hear, "It was so nice to finally meet you!" Turning, there's Circuit Mom only a few inches from my face with a big smile ear to ear.

I responded in classic JP fashion, "Well Matthew, if you don't count the last three times we've actually met, then yeah. It was great." But it had no effect on him. Every Mother comes with a witty and/or rational retort for every right or reason. He told me of his many years of involvement, the thousands of people the industry caters to and how, as just him/her, (s)he couldn't possibly remember everyone.

"But you must know me?" I exclaimed, "I'm Jason Paul!"

To that Mom flipped her hair back and asked, "And?"

It was the same at the Stoli Be Real Auditions at Sidetrack. Starting off as a Russian Vodka, now an independent film producer, Stoil's in the mix with making a documentary on the contributions and achievements of LGBT people in their respective communities. Auditions are taking place at all the North American hot spots.

Hightailing it straight to the top, I approached the evening's host CHRIS CURSE , but he didn't know me. Neither did videographer ALAN LAMBERCH . Documentary subject hopeful FRANCO LAMARKO thought we may have met last year in Michigan, but I've never been.

Still optimistic, I'd definitely be recognized at one my most frequent of haunts – the liquor store! Yet heading down to the Gourmet Grape wine shoppe for the Howard Brown Health Center's Craig Hogan Fundraiser yielded only the same. Clerical errors left my name off the list and I was invited to make a donation for entry. No big. The fund was founded to provide medical services for those who can't afford it. It was my pleasure to take part. It only stung a little bit when fund namesake CRAIG HOGAN giggled that a member of media was made to pay in order to cover an event. "It's all for a good cause," he and friend laughed as I made my way to the exit.

"Yeah," I smirked. "Glad I could help."