B Scene

Thu. May 12, 2005 12:00 AM
by Jason Paul

"Come to the cabaret," said three time Jeff Award winner, star of stage and screen, and JP's new best friend Peggy Roeder . It was almost noon when my fifth martini had gone dry and plans for the evening still weren't made! Luckily Porchlight Theatre was putting on a William Finn showcase that night to benefit the Center on Halsted and starred some famous musical mavens like Carrie Lee Bland and Bethany Thomas. "And I'm in it too!" Peggy proclaimed as she stole my blue cheese olive and let it slip past her sultry seasoned songstress lips.

"Peg, that's a great idea!" I boasted before collapsing my head onto the glass cocktail table. It might have even broke a little.

Raising $1100 for the Halsted center, the show featured marvelous performances by all! My girls Peg, and Carrie Lee B totally rocked. As well they should.

Yet it was still early when the show came to a close. "What to do now?" I sobbed as tears swelled my beautiful brown eyes. It was just that moment when I got a text from CST Publicist Jasen Woehrle that read, "Come taste the wine, come here the band, come blow a horn, Start celebrating!"

He was referring to the Metromix Must Do, Red Eye's Best Bet, RtVR approved birthday with a purpose bash, April Showers Bring May Dollars! Co-Hosted by local A-list actor Richard Manera , the two celebrated their mid to late thirty-ish b-days by sponsoring a huge fundraiser for the theatre community's AIDS care effort, Season of Concern. And who doesn't love blowing horns?

"Jasen, that's a great idea!" I boasted before hightailing it up to T's in A-ville where the event was taking place. Four hours of boozing and a huge balloon raffle contest later, it was time to kick it with those still standing. So Jasen, Rich, SofC Executive Director Stephen Rader and I threw back, talked sex and drank till close. The event raised over $2400. Pretty impressive for a first time cocktail soirée!

After this decadent day of fun-raising (get it?), I needed a nap and awoke Thursday to the ring of my land line. It was old pal from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Elena Mendelson saying "What good is sitting alone in your room? Put down the knitting, the book and the broom!" She wanted me to join her that night at the 8th Chicago Antiques Fair preview party down at the Merch Mart. Raising money for RIC, I'd get first pick to purchase any of the fine old furnishings.

To that I retorted, "Honey, what's a broom?" before boasting, "That's a great idea!" So I got up, caffeinated, groomed, took my B12, rocked out my new pink plaid party cap (as did everyone else! see below) and off we went! However all my attempts to procure an antique in the silent auction were out bid. I kept putting down $5, and everyone else kept putting down hundreds and hundreds more. But what can you do? I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

That's when designers Robert Levine and Bryan Boomershine asked, "Jason Paul, how do you manage to stay so fabulous?"

"Easy," I told them, "Start by admitting from cradle to tomb isn't that long a stay. Life is a cabaret, old chum... And I do love a cabaret."

A good accessory is something to be truly appreciated by all. Jason Paul's New Pink Plaid Party Cap was a big hit among the Chicago's more fabulous of folk.