B Scene

Wed. April 20, 2005 12:00 AM
by Jason Paul

I had an epiphany while sipping on chardonnay and snacking on the huge spread of esoteric treats at the Leigh Gallery Opening Party -- This town needs more people like Jean Leigh! In opening her gallery doors at 3306 N Halsted, she has not only offered a new opportunity to showcase emerging artists and served me free booze, but in doing so has brought some much needed culture onto the Boystown block. Ranging in a variety of mediums from oils, watercolors, sculpture, jewelry, stemware and fiber art, the pieces exhibited vary from a perspective of classically elegant to energetic modern contemporary. Yet despite the differences in modes, methods and styles the flow of the gallery walls and feel of the space is smooth and relaxed. Class like this hasn't been seen on Halsted since the rising of the rainbow pylons – which is to say never. Good Show Jean! The Leigh features the kind of colors we need to have on the street.
The Leigh Gallery opened March 18th and is also on the web at at TheLeighGallery.com.

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Muchos thanks to the girls at Dragtastic.com, our friends and affiliates from ChicagoPride and of course our boi benefactors for sponsoring the RtVR’s Lakeview Lounge Tour on Sunday April 3. This impromptu Magazine promo party took its attendants to some of the city's finer establishments like Pepper Lounge, Kit Kat, Firefly and Circuit Nightclub for cocktailing, photographs and more cocktailing. We may have had pizza at some point, but I really don't remember.

Off the cuff as it were, ads for The Lakeview Lounge Tour popped up all the Chicago internet scene almost instantly and the VIP guest list had well over 150 names on it -- of which 80 responded “yes” to -- of which (besides boi staff) five or so actually showed up for in the early hours. Yet no worries there bois and grrrls! Every Jason Paul action figure comes equipped with an entourage of 10 to 20 sexy young singles and urban eclectic hipsters. I may come late, but I always come prepared. Heads turned and scenes were made every where we went. If you happened to miss out on this, then it sucks to be you.

Riding the Velvet Rope Rock Star moments of the evening included: (pictured above) From the street the entourage beckoned, “Jessika! Jessika!” for Maven Superstar Jessika Sterling to come out and greet us from her loft apartment terrace. She did, and waved to us from above in a fabulous low cut red salsa like number. It was hot.

Hell in a Handbag Production Company Board Members Ed Jones, Steve Hickson and David Cerda arrived at Firefly to offer me a special guest celebrity role in their upcoming musical parody Scarrie. I told them I'd think about it. (Which means, oh my gosh, yeah! PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!)

However, being so VIP glam as I think I am, I neglected to get back to them fast enough. All the dates were reserved prior and I got stuck with a Thursday night performance. Thursday? What the hell is that? A name of such high caliber as mine deserves top billing in a more coveted Friday or Saturday night show. Don't these girls know who I am? (Translated from the Jason Paul that means: Thank you so much Ed, David and Steve! I am so honored and grateful to be considered for your production! XOXOXOXOX on your butts!)

The RtVR entourage was made to wait outside of Circuit Nightclub until I arrived where we were then escorted beyond the long line of eager patrons, given free admission and a round of drinks on club owner Mikey M.

By some workings of the intoxicated we ended up at Charlie’s to catch the show. That’s where hostess Lauren Jacobs – whom I've never met before – announced to the entire club on the microphone, “The guy from Riding the Velvet Rope is here.” I got a little excited by this because recognition rocks so Jessika Sterling hit me upside the head telling me to calm down. It wasn't my show. I was all, “Yes it is.” They just didn't know it yet.

Again many thanks to all the Sponsors, Jessika, George St. George, Tim K and all my peops who made the day and night a worthwhile and fun event!

It was hard to concentrate on the music of Sacha Sacket’s Loyola U concert when his 26 year old California reared pectorals were busting out of his tight white T. But God help me, I tried.

On a college campus tour promoting his second CD Shadowed, Sacha broke away from the album’s deep emotional lyrics to amuse the audience with a slower darker version of Brittany Spears’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. Post concert he came down off stage to mingle, offer T-shirts, CD’s and discuss music with his adoring “friends.”

Sacha doesn't like to use the word “fans.” That where he and I differ, I guess.

One of two events to be looking forward to this month is our friend of RtVR Zack Welsheimer starring in The Shape of Things at the Circle Theater running till May 22.

Zach’s zealous stage presence and unique expression will be sure to steal the show, as he always does.

However the biggest social must do this month is April Showers Bring May Dollars, a charity cocktail party benefiting Season of Concern.

Hosted by two of Chicago’s in the know avant-gardes Jasen Woehrle and Richard Manera, the party takes place Monday April 25, 7:00 PM at T’s Restaurant and Bar, 5025 N Clark at Winnemac. Come for the good times, cheap food, fabulous prizes and VIP shmoozing all for a great and worthy cause! (Event Details)

And be sure to look out for these and other Riding the Velvet Rope approved events coming soon.