B Scene

Sat. February 12, 2005 12:00 AM
by Jason Paul

The glamorous party life of a young 21.5 year old gay socialite comes with many fabulous rewards, most of them plastic, but can be such a drag when it comes to spiritual fulfillment. Where can a 21.5 year old go for a little internal essence and personal divinity? Old confidant, gay studies director for the Wright Institute, John Aquilina, suggested Feng Shui or the third annual MORE for Gay Men conference held at Roosevelt University. Water elements sounding far too much like water sports, I opted for the latter.

[Photo: The MORE staff, left to right, Mike Hobbs, Scott Zacher, Scott Roseberry, Wendy Manning, David Hall, Tony Didato, Chuck Munro & John Aquilina]

The breakout sessions included topics like, Being Out and Successful, Gay Spiritual Traditions and Identity and Growth, but I skipped the Out Couple's Challenge as I just couldn't relate to that whole couple thing. Really, what is that? Leaving the conference refreshed and reborn, I took with me the words of Ivy League professor, author of a bajillion gay spirit novels and keynote speaker Andrew Harvey who empowers us to “return to the feminine.” I'm going to flail my limp wrists with the best of them and smear the mascara of anyone who holds it against me.

[Keynote Speakers: RU President Dr. Charles Middleton, author Andrew Harvey & John Aquilina]

Just call me the Velvet Dope. I was really excited to attend Michael Bonfiglio ’s art show at the Gerber Hart Library, but all I had heard prior was that he used adult diapers as his canvas.

Arriving opening night and thinking, “How perfect!” I was prepared to open with a hilarious joke about aging incontinent label queens and designer diapers called 2(p)ins. That was until I realized the show was a tribute to the artist's deceased mother.

Michael's medium, with the pants to match, was a contemporary contrast of his mother's dehumanizing disease and the colorful life she led before it. Foot in mouth, the need to clean my D&G footwear then became very apparent.

Who am I kidding? I love water sports and skipped down to Cell Block Friday with a taste for Budweiser, beef jerky and rawhide (Read that any way you want). Yet dalliance was on the D-L that night as the famous Lakeview leather bar turned it down a notch -- but only a very small notch -- to sponsor the Rainbow World Fund's charity performance sending all proceeds off for Tsunami Relief. Who knew rough trade leather daddies could be so giving? (Well I did, but that's totally unrelated)

The night featured the styling of the Lickity Split Radical Cheerleaders , Jinx Titanic and the evening's host, star of stage and pornographic DVD Brad McGuire .

There was music, mayhem, aerosol string confetti and Big Man Mike in a feathered jockstrap, who the audience just couldn't get enough of. Neither could Jason Paul.

Who doesn't love the lead singer of a rock-n-roll band -- especially a sweaty sexy one with a shaved head and matching rubber wrist bands?

View all photos from the Tsunamil Relief event.

Similar events for South Asia's aid took place the same week at X/O on Halsted and Hunters in Elk Grove, showing how the most marginalized group in the nation can come together not only for its own, but for others in need as well. How cool is that?

With the annual Equality Illinois Black Tie Gala coming up, I was shocked to hear Director of Operations Aimee Pine still hadn't put together an elegant yet flashy ensemble. She claimed she was so busy with planning she just couldn't get away from her desk. I was all, what's to plan? The premiere reception at the Metropolitan Club is set, NBC TV’s Wayne Johnson is eager to MC at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, and the Grand Ballroom has been fitted for a disco ball. Freedom Award Recipients Del Martin , Phyllis Lyon and the Honorable Dawn Clark Netsch are ret-2-go and filet mignon is defrosting in a fridge somewhere. Now is the time for makeup, rhinestone accessories and low cut wonder bras – and that's just for me – but our girl Aimee was totally unsure. Whatever she decided I had to implore the use of high heels. “High heels Aimee!” I screamed at her “High-Mama Making Fudge-Heels!” I just couldn't stress it enough.

My concerns were totally unwarranted. She looked great.