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Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club

3700 N Halsted, Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 525-1111

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I wasn't expecting much more than a few laughs with friends. The food was far better than I would have thought, and the service was excellent.Good Job, KK! - cdteach3

good - Thomasneal12

Their martinis are to die for and the entertainment can’t be beat!! - ToBeOrNotToBe

great fun - rodo

Oh Kit Kat Club, you are so fun. What? With your weekly entertainment bumping into my chair and causing me to choke on my undercooked meat. Thanks for wonderful bachelorette shin dig, it was a blast. Ok, so I'm being a lil' catty, but it's the truth. The entertainment is fun adn a great idea, but put 'em on a stage or seclude them to an area of the restaurant for performers ONLY. I know that I for one suffered whiplash having to turn around so often trying to watch the performer walk up and down the length of the restaurant. I know that there will be those that say the food is the best, but for these prices I can find a restaurant with just as much pinache and better service. Granted, the drink list is impressive and well thought out but shelling out as much as you do for one, I would expect the staff to squeeze the juice tableside. Aside from all my bantering, Kit Kat Lounge is a fun place. Come for a drink and to check out the performers. Opt to dine somewhere else. - surferinchig