Feature Column: Local Dish


12/06/2013 - Yule B Eating
Christmas and New Year's dining options

11/14/2013 - Turkey Trot
Rick's Picks for Thanksgiving dining

10/16/2013 - Waterleaf
Waterleaf, a polished and friendly gem in Glen Ellyn

09/19/2013 - Oceanique
Eclectic Oceanique proves fine dining doesn't have to be stuffy

08/29/2013 - Trattoria Trullo
Lincoln Square's Trattoria Trullo is one of Rick's Picks

08/08/2013 - Dining & Drinking at Market Days
Rick's picks for dining and drinking at Market Days

07/08/2013 - Nothing to be Koi About
Koi a place worth visiting, economical enough to visit again and again

06/06/2013 - Father's Day dining around Chicago
There is a dining destination perfect for every style of dad

05/23/2013 - Review: Pump Room
Completely remodeled, The Pump Room's still got it

05/02/2013 - Mother's Day
Treat your mom to a delicious day on Sunday, May 12

04/24/2013 - Himmel’s
Himmel's: An Italian restaurant with a German flair

04/03/2013 - Q Time
Rick Karlin shares some of his favorite barbecue spots

03/05/2013 - March of Dines
Enjoy these holiday feasts and dining specials

02/28/2013 - Soup’s On!
There’s nothing like a bowl of soup on a cold winter day

02/07/2013 - Love & Other Stuff
Rick's picks for February: Indulge and treat yourself

01/31/2013 - Which Wich
Rick Karlin falls for the Which Wich

01/10/2013 - Cold Comfort
Rick Karlin with a sample of what's going on around town

12/09/2012 - City Winery
Rick Karlin is less than impressed with City Winery

11/29/2012 - Give & Get
Grilled steak as a stocking stuffer?

10/18/2012 - Halloween Cuisine
Throw on your spookiest Halloween costume and enjoy these tasty treats

09/20/2012 - La Madia
Take advantage of La Madia's family-style meals with a group

09/13/2012 - Review: Kanela
Kanela offers great takes on traditional breakfast treats

08/22/2012 - Socially Conscious Dining & Drinking
Let your purchases reflect your commitment to LGBT rights

07/26/2012 - Brunch Bunch
Rick's Picks: New additions to the brunch bunch and some old favorites

07/20/2012 - The Pony Inn
Pony rides on a single dish, review by Rick Karlin

07/12/2012 - Elate
Elate: Inventive without crossing over into contrived territory

06/28/2012 - Life's A Beach
Rick Karlin's lakefront picks for the Fourth of July holiday

06/13/2012 - Pop Rocks
Father’s Day dining and doing, recommendations by Rick Karlin

05/31/2012 - “Teniamo presente tra noi"
Rick Karlin reviews Volare, worth the dash downtown

05/16/2012 - Dining Doggie Style
Rick Karlin with some picks for dining doggie style

05/11/2012 - Mother's Day Dining & Doing
Rick Karlin on Mother’s Day dining and doing

05/01/2012 - Pork Chop on Randolph
Rick Karlin reviews Pork Chop

04/27/2012 - Wellfleet at The Fishguy Market
Rick Karlin reviews Wellfleet at The Fishguy Market

04/19/2012 - Spring Brings New Openings
Spring always brings with it many restaurant openings

04/05/2012 - Zed451
Rick Karlin reviews Zed451, a total dining experience in River North

03/22/2012 - Spring Has Sprung
With the unseasonably warm weather comes outdoor dining

03/07/2012 - Wine Country
Rick's Picks for places to sample some great wine selections

02/06/2012 - Eat Your Heart Out
Rick's Picks for romantic places to share a Valentine's Day date

02/01/2012 - Dining Lures
Check out the new menu items in some familiar places

01/11/2012 - Native Foods Café
Rick Karlin reviews Native Foods Café, a pick for delicious vegan fare