Feature Column: Age Well, Live Well


09/05/2007 - Suture Lift
A face lift is no longer the only option for sagging face and neck

02/03/2007 - Botox: What’s it about?

12/31/2006 - Healthy New Year's Resolutions
Dr. Memar offers some new year's resolutions for your good health

11/02/2006 - Diet and good skin care to prevent premature aging
Good Skin Care for National Healthy Skin Month

10/04/2006 - Wrinkles: preventing, removing or forgetting them

08/03/2006 - Summer fruit can benefit your health and your skin

07/06/2006 - A diet for great skin
To achieve flawless skin you have to be mindful of what you eat.

06/06/2006 - Celebrate Your Pride
Celebrate Your Own Sense of Pride

05/17/2006 - A good diet is central to overall good health
A good diet is central to overall good health.

04/01/2006 - Do All Your Baking in the Kitchen, Not in the Sun!

03/06/2006 - You are what you eat.
Dr. Memar lists the "super foods" to keep you looking youthful