October 1, 2013

Looking for Love Without a Magnifying Glass

BY Darling Darby ("Ask Darby")

Dear Darby,

Can gay men have a monogamous relationship? Where do I find a guy who's looking for a long term relationship with one person?

Looking for LTR

Dear LTR,

Why not? Whether you're straight or gay shouldn't matter to have a monogamous relationship.

First evaluate what you want and need in a partnership. Make a mental list of what you enjoy in life and what traits you look for in another person. In other words, look in the mirror.

How? Look for people with shared interests and hobbies. Check out MyPrideNetwork, the daily LGBT calender for events and activities. For instance Thursday, October 10th. there's Dining Out for Equality Celebrate National Coming Out Day. Join an organization and volunteer.

Once you've connected with your special person you can start building a relationship. You draw the blueprint. build the blocks of love, respect, sharing, happiness and commitment. Seal it with fun, humor, and laughter.

Relax, don't look for it with a magnifying glass. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can bet that your'e relationship will be built faster!


Darling Darby

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