November 14, 2012

Hard for the Holidays and looking for advice

BY Honey West ("Ask Miss Honey")

Dear Miss Honey,

I'm looking for some advice on giving creative holiday gifts this year. It's been a tough year for the economy and I lost a great job about three months ago where I managed an office for a medium sized company.

I am currently taking a part time retail position to make ends meet. So, I don't have a lot of money to spend and was hoping for some creative gift giving ideas that won't cost me much. While I'd love to give my little nephews an iPod or an Xbox, that's not very realistic in my budget. Please help!

Hard for the Holidays

Hard for the Holidays,

You are not alone this season. I believe that the holidays are what you make them. Turn off the Hallmark cards and the seasonal movies and look into your heart. I'd much rather spend time with my friends than have them spend money on me. If you cook, make a special dinner for them. If you don't feel up to that, gather your friends for a nice night out at a reastaurant. Pick a reasonable place that you all like and have everyone chip in for a wonderful night of friendship and laughter. We don't always remember the gifts we get but we do remember the special moments we spend together. When it comes to children they don't always have to get what they want, it is part of growing up. You can find a economical gift that caters to their current passion. My nephew loved anything dinosaur. He was thrilled with my gift and it didn't break the bank. Children respond as we all do to the love and the intention behind a gift.

Make your own holiday traditions. Think outside the box and you will make memories that last far longer than an electronic device.

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