February 1, 2009

Embarrased by hair and acne - what do I do?

BY Xviara Owens ("Ask Xviara beauty advice")

Dear Xviara,

I am a "straight acting straight appearing" guy who likes to dance all night in the clubs, I want to do like the other guys and take off my shirt off or wear a tank, but I am extremely embarrassed by the hair I have on my back as well as slight acne. What do you suggest I do to have smooth and clear skin on my back?

-S.A.S.A. Dancing Queen

Dear S.A.S.A. Dancing Queen,

For the hair issue, I strongly suggest you give laser hair removal treatments a try. Elos Technology is the latest in laser skin care technology and has little to no discomfort (the regular IPL lasers can be quite painful). This is wonderful when you're getting intimate areas done as well.

As another added plus, it has a "color blind" technology, so it will work on any skin shade (including ethnic shades) and hair color (including blonde, gray or red).

As far as the acne, at the time of treatment you can also have a "back facial" and for at home use, I recommend two amazing face & body washes; Glyco-BP (depending on the severity of your acne) and Salicylic (all skin types). My clients also love the fresher, clearer, and more youthful skin that is revealed by these products that also promote micro-exfoliation and cell turnover. They do not have the irritating detergents or fragrances that regular cleansers do, which can cause break outs. They have a lower pH than common brands found in the drug store and the lower pH makes it more effective.

Between the laser hair removal, the back facial and/or the face & body wash, you'll be shirtless and shaking your groove thing on the speakers at one of the clubs before long; jamming to an ABBA's "Dancing Queen" club mix and thinking they're signing about you.

Xviara’s Recommendations:

DSL Laser Hair Removal, LMdP Glyco-BP face & body wash, and LMdP Salicylic face & body wash can be found at La Maison du Parfum (custom perfumer / day spa / laser center) 701 W Armitage Ave ( 312-787-1747)

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