October 15, 2004

Qualities of Vodka

BY Andrew ("Drink to life!")

Hello readers. Busy busy wedding season upon us. Hope everyone is enjoying some fall festivities. I recently was asked what's the difference in the brands of Vodka. A good question, especially for people who don't drink Vodka.

Anyone who drinks a Vodka straight or on the rocks or a martini has their preference to what type of Vodka they like. They know what they like when it comes to taste and what Vodkas they consider smooth and easy to drink. As with any drink, you can tell how someone likes their drink by how quickly they consume it.

It's a little harder to distinguish brands when having a mixed drink. The key difference is usually how you feel the morning. Most vodka drinkers agree that a hangover is a sign of a poor quality vodka. The quality lies in the purification and how many times it is distilled. The finishing process filters out any impurities and makes a better quality vodka. Further distilling also increases the proof of the vodka.

The best bet is to buy 2-3 well-known brands if you are having a party. Stoli, Ketel One, Absolut, Belvedere, Skyy, Grey Goose are a few popular brands people stock up on. Other brands are emerging and worth trying; Ikon is breaking into the Chicago market, VOX’s popularity fluctuates to name a couple.

As I recommended in previous articles, while a little more expensive, buy a variety of small bottles to increase your selection and you and your guests can sample without having $30 bottles lying around after.