RuPaul 'regrets the hurt' he's caused transgender community

Wed. March 7, 2018 12:31 PM by

RuPaul, the host of VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race, on Monday issued a statement on Twitter to the transgender community.

RuPaul is facing criticism over remarks he made in a recent interview with The Guardian. In that interview, RuPaul said that he would "probably not" allow a transgender woman who had transitioned to compete on the reality show.

"Probably not," RuPaul said. "You can identify as a woman and say you're transitioning, but it changes once you start changing your body."

"It takes on a different thing; it changes the whole concept of what we're doing. We've had some girls who've had some injections in the face and maybe a little bit in the butt here and there, but they haven't transitioned."

"At the core [drag is] a social statement and a big fuck you to male-dominated culture. So for men to do it, it's really punk rock, because it's a real rejection of masculinity," RuPaul added.

Alexandra Billings, a transgender actress who appears on Amazon's Transparent, chided RuPaul in an Instagram post. "Dear RuPaul, you did not invent drag. We did."

Sasha Velour, winner of Drag Race season 9, tweeted: "My drag was born in a community full of trans women, trans men, and gender non-conforming folks doing drag. That's the real world of drag, like it or not. I thinks it's fabulous and I will fight my entire life to protect and uplift it."

In a series of tweets, RuPaul acknowledged the pain he had caused.

"Each morning I pray to set aside everything I THINK I know, so I may have an open mind and a new experience. I understand and regret the hurt I have caused. The trans community are heroes of our shared LGBTQ movement. You are my teachers," RuPaul wrote.

"In the 10 years we've been casting Drag Race, the only thing we've ever screened for is charisma uniqueness nerve and talent. And that will never change," he added in a separate tweet.

RuPaul's apology of sorts did not go over well with some.

"Just say 'Sorry,'" user @jacoboguillen tweeted in response.

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