Russian grocery chain bars gays

Wed. May 31, 2017 9:10 AM by

A chain of Russian grocery stores has barred gays from entry.

While Russian law prohibits sexual discrimination and gay sex is not a criminal offense in the former Soviet Union, opposition to LGBT rights remains high in Russia.

According to Reuters, the stores are owned by German Sterligov, a devoutly religious nationalist businessman. In 2004, the federal government prohibited Sterligov from mounting a campaign for president.

"No Entry for faggots" reads a wooden sign at the entrance of one of Sterligov's stores in central Moscow.

Often called Russia's first official millionaire, Sterligov, 50, was instrumental in the founding of a mercantile exchange. In the late 90s, he became more devout in his Russian Orthodox faith and retreated to rural Russia to run an organic farm.

"Our planet is full of filth and sick humans," Sterligov is quoted as saying by Reuters at a country fair outside Moscow. "In front of our eyes is the historical experience of Sodom and Gomorrrah when God burned these towns."

Addressing the crowd, Sterligov praised President Donald Trump.

"We thank him. May God give him health," he said through a loudspeaker.

A Russian law signed by President Vladimir Putin prohibits "gay propaganda" in public spaces. In defending the law, Putin said it was necessary to protect children.

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