Once-a-month late-night dance parties planned by SKIN Productions, starting Sat., Sept. 10 at Fantasy Nightclub

Fri. September 9, 2016 12:14 PM by Ross Forman

Chicago, IL - SKIN Productions will keep Chicagoans dancing for the rest of the year, starting with an international flair.

SKIN Productions celebrated Market Days with its successful, well-attended SKIN Market party on Saturday, Aug. 13, ending in the wee hours of Aug. 14, with many party-goers hot, sweaty and shirtless from hours grinding on the dance floor at Fantasy Nightclub (formerly known as Circuit Nightclub in Boystown).

Now similar dance parties will be once-a-month from September through December.

SKIN Octane is Saturday night, Sept. 10, once again at Fantasy in Boystown, where sexy, sculpted go-go dancers will shake, while DJ Alain Jackinsky is back in Chicago from Montreal. Jackinsky has been around the world, at some of the best and biggest events, such as, Circuit Barcelona, Songkran Thailand, Carnival Brazil, White Party Miami, Winter Party Miami, New York City Pride, Alegria, Masterbeat LA, and more.

"We're very happy to do a monthly party," said SKIN Productions' Dan Tran. "It gives people another place to go dancing or hangout instead of the same places every weekend. People are getting tired of going to the bar every weekend, so they don't go out. Hopefully we can change that."

SKIN offers dance parties on the second Saturday of the month: Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 12 and Dec. 10.

"OCTANE by SKIN has supporters from all different spectrum," of the LGBT rainbow, Tran said. "We have worked to diversify the Fantasy Nightclub, to help erase the old image (that the former Circuit Nightclub was simply that) 'Latin Nightclub.' We are working to help change the image of Fantasy, so it is simply, 'everyone's nightclub.'"

Tran confirmed that a portion of the proceeds from each of the four upcoming parties will be donated to charities, including the Lakeview Pantry. "No one should go hungry during the holidays or any day," he said.

Fantasy can hold about 900 in its dancefloor area.

"SKIN Productions is working hard to reach, and grow, the new party-going generation," Tran said. "We want everyone to party smart and do a good deed—helping the needy—while having a good time themselves. Put your money where it helps your community."

SKIN Productions' mid-August party featured noted DJs Toy Armada (Philippines) and Eddie Elias (New York City), and the cover was only $20.

"We were very happy with the SKIN Market party – people were having a great time; the DJs played an amazing sets; and everyone kept dancing till closing time.

"SKIN Market was the first time we used two mainstream DJs. Normally, we use only one, but I think it was the right decision (having two). People really like the energy and style of our DJs."

SKIN Market attendees ran the gamut of the LGBT community and straight supporters, too. There were 21 year-olds and some spotted in the crowd in their 50s and 60s.

For more information about SKIN Production parties, visit the group on Facebook.