Taverna 750 leaving Boystown for 'bigger and better' space opening Sept. 2 in Andersonville

Fri. August 19, 2016 3:27 PM by Andy Ambrosius

taverna 750 in boystown

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Toast to Taverna's time in Lakeview with complimentary champagne toast through Aug. 29

Chicago, IL - Taverna 750 is officially leaving the space at 750 W. Cornelia Ave. — and Boystown entirely — after its landlord applied for licensing to open his own restaurant in the space, which forced the popular Italian eatery and brunch venue out of the neighborhood.

"It's really a tough, and bittersweet situation to leave Lakeview," said Chicago restaurateur Paul D. Cannella. "I think we've really been able to spread a ton of joy, good times, and memories to many different types of people at Taverna 750. I felt we earned a good spot in the neighborhood community with our food, drinks, fun, brunches, patio, fundraisers, and more."

Cannella, who opened the upscale Italian tavern in June of 2011, was "blindsided" in mid-July by a liquor license request for Tommy's Bistro by Thomas Sherwood Jr. during lease negotiations with the building owner Thomas Sherwood Sr.

"To receive this notification in this manner is both surprising and disappointing news," Cannella said when contacted by ChicagoPride.com on July 13. At that time, Cannella said his team was already putting their feelers out for new locations, but promised Taverna's martini and bottomless-mimosa brunches would live on.

"It's been quite a whirlwind," confessed Cannella, who said he attempted to work with Sherwood Enterprises for a short lease extension to help protect the jobs and the business location in Boystown. However, Cannella eventually concluded, "We couldn't wait any longer and had to spring into action to find a new home."

Taverna 750, a beloved neighborhood tradition, will close its Cornelia Ave. location on Aug. 29, then re-open in a "bigger and better" location in Andersonville on Sept. 2.

"Our new space will be over twice as big, and we'll have a private patio space so our lovely garden 'Helen' will live on under the care and design of international florist, Howard Silver," said Cannella.

Interior updates, including the upstairs (set to open later in October), larger outdoor patio, cocktail and dish menu evolutions (We hear the Brixton burger could be on the menu), plus future events are all being planned for the new Taverna 750 and T750 cocktail lounge, which take over The Brixon space at 5420 N. Clark. 

Brixton owner Ted Webler will be the majority owner of the new Taverna 750, Cannella will hold an equity stake. Brixton employees were notified Friday afternoon and most will be able to re-apply for jobs at Taverna 750, as will the employees at the original Taverna. The Brixton opened in 2013. 

Customers can toast to Taverna's time in Boystown with a complimentary champagne toast through Aug. 29.

"Cheers to the memories, but let's go make some new ones," said Cannella, who encouraged customers to share their final toast on Facebook.

And to close out Taverna 750's time in Boystown, Cannella is throwing a farewell party on Sunday, Aug. 28 at Scarlet Nightclub where he'll be picking up the tab for an open well bar from 6 to 7 p.m. Cannella is attempting to reach every former employee for the final toast at Scarlet.

Sherwood Enterprises also owns Little Jim's, which was purchased from long time businessman Jim "Little Jim" Gates in 2015, Cupid's Treasures and The Ram along the 3500 block of North Halsted.