Video: Candid interviews with the season 8 RuPaul's Drag Race contestants

Mon. February 29, 2016 9:00 AM by News Staff

photo credit // matt inawat

Contestants talk passion and politics at the Chicago red carpet

Chicago, IL - was live at the Chicago's red carpet and season eight premiere party of RuPaul's Drag race this past Wednesday.

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The show's competitors were asked about their inspirations and passions, this season's experience so far, and thoughts about the explosive election year.

"My inspiration comes from many different places, but the major inspirations are stylized anime drawings and the couture runways, that are conceptual," Chicago contestant Kim Chi noted, as the performer continued talking about her favorite designers.

And performer Laila McQueen talked about the inspiration behind her "fabulous faggy outfit" and her start as a drag queen.

"I'm getting paid to be beautiful, party, and make other people feel good, so what could be worse than that?", McQueen said about the biggest perk about being in drag.

Season eight hopeful ThorgyThor talked about the origin and inspiration behind the name "Thorgy," growing up as a music theater kid, living life as a professional violist and having an obession with hot sauce and syrup.

In addition to the season eight contestants, the red carpet included a few special guests in attendance, including season one's Jade SotoMayor and season six's Gia Gunn.

"Just be yourself. That's the most important thing," SotoMayor told red carpet host Kelly Blackburn, sharing the advice with this year's participants."This one of the most amazing experiences and opportunities that can be given to a queen. To be blessed as one of Ru's girls is just so amazing. Just have fun with it."

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