Gay, bisexual Latinos less likely to access PrEP, Grindr survey finds

Sat. December 5, 2015 8:54 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

Grindr, the hookup app for gay and bisexual men, has surveyed its users about using pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP – commonly known as Truvada.

More than 25 percent of users who took the survey said that they were currently taking Truvada, which reduces the risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, from sex when taken regularly.

Ten percent of respondents said that acquiring a prescription was a struggle. Some doctors have argued that the pill does not protect against other types of sexually transmitted diseases and may encourage risky behavior. The majority of men surveyed said that they did not hear about Truvada from a doctor.

Latino men were the group least likely to be taking Truvada.

Grindr said that it would use the results to target its efforts encouraging use of PrEP for those at risk.

"Seeing that Latinos were so much less likely to be accessing PrEP, we will prioritize the circulation of PrEP information in Spanish," Grindr said. "And seeing that many don't know where to get it or are nervous to ask their usual doctor, we intend to undertake a mapping project of LGBTQ clinics in the country so more people will know what their options are."

Article provided in partnership with On Top Magazine