Teen Arrested In Savage Attack On Lesbian Mom

Thu. July 17, 2003 12:00 AM by 365gay.com

Boston, Massachusetts - A 15-year-old Boston area girl has been charged with a vicious attack on a lesbian mother who needed more than 200 stitches to close the wound on her head.

Because of her age the teenager cannot be named. She is charged with aggravated assault and battery. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said civil rights charges may also be added.

The girl was part of a group of teens who attacked the woman at a July Fourth fireworks in East Boston. Lisa Craig and her partner Debbie Riley had taken their their two girls, ages 4 and 9, to Piers Park to watch the display.

Craig said the trouble began when the group of rowdy teens who had been drinking began harassing them. The couple and their kids went to another area of the park, but when they stopped at an ice cream truck they again encountered the teens.

The group had been scuffling among themselves and bumped into the couple's children, pushing one against the truck and knocking the other to the ground.

Riley said that when Craig told the teens to "move it along,'' one of the girls " sucker-punched her in the head." The teens then threw Craig to the ground. Her head hit the pavement and she fell unconscious while the teens continued to kick her in the head. (story)

Craig said the teens shouted homophobic epithets during the attack.

Police are continuing to investigate to determine if additional charges will be laid, Conley said. The additional charges could ''conceivably include civil rights violations and robbery,'' He also said that it is possible that the 15-year-old could be charged as an adult.

by Michael J. Meade
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