Gallup Poll shows support for gay marriage stable after Supreme Court ruling

Thu. July 23, 2015 8:23 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

A Gallup poll released last week shows support for marriage equality has remained stable after the Supreme Court's ruling striking down gay marriage bans in all 50 states.

Gallup interviewed 1,009 adults over telephone between July 8 and 12, roughly two weeks after the Supreme Court released its landmark ruling.

"The court's ruling on the practice, which was legal in the majority of states, so far has not affected the way Americans feel about the issue," pollsters said in releasing their findings.

According to the survey, 58 percent of respondents said that "marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages."

Support reached a high of 60 percent in May of this year, but pollsters said that the two-percentage-point difference was "not statistically meaningful."

A majority (74%) of Democrats support marriage equality, while a majority (67%) of Republicans remain opposed.

Findings run counter to a recent AP poll which found support after the ruling at 42 percent, with 40 percent opposed. That poll, however, was conducted online.

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