Balloons By Tommy ready to wow Chicago Pride Parade again this year

Sat. June 27, 2015 8:09 PM by Anthony Morgano

balloons by tommy, 2012

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Chicago, IL - Everyone has a favorite float in the parade, whether they're cheering on the boys in the skimpiest underwear or their favorite local celebrity. Making their debut five years ago, Balloons By Tommy has been a media and fan favorite ever since its first Parade entry: a giant balloon sign spelling out the word PRIDE.

"The response was kind of overwhelming," Tommy DeLorenzo, the Tommy in Balloons By Tommy, told "We were featured in almost every newspaper the next day! We are often asked what our plans for Pride will be -- it's fun and challenging to find new ways to hopefully reach people's expectations!"

DeLorenzo has been experimenting with balloon design since creating large scale designs at a friend's roller rink in high school and working professionally with balloons for the last 14 years (" partner Scott and I work together, so every day is a great day!" he said). Starting at slot #212 in the parade five years ago, their first float was one of the few that was cut when the Parade was forced to stop early. Bumped up to #87 the following year, they rocked crowds with their giant, colorful balloon design spelling out PRIDE.

Since then, they've been in the top 20 slots. Spelling out PRIDE and LOVE gained them lots of media popularity but DeLorenzo says last year's entry is one his favorites. Called "Marriage For All The Fish in the Sea" it featured several sea animals, including a 30 ft. octopus and sea anemones created by clusters of balloons bursting from walkers' backs.

Look for Balloons By Tommy's newest fabulous design in slot #18 this year. As for what the final entry will look like, DeLorenzo gave only this teaser:

"From us, lots of color and a little sparkle!" he said. "But expect to see balloons on many floats this year!"

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