#LoveWins: The Civil Rights Agenda reacts to SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling

Fri. June 26, 2015 11:16 AM

crowds outside supreme court

photo credit // patrick smith/gopride.com
Anthony Martinez, executive director of The Civil Rights Agenda said, "I am beyond overjoyed by this ruling! This ruling is a validation of the very democratic system that we are blessed to enjoy in the United States. Finally the laws have caught up with the vast majority of individuals that believe that same-sex couples can and do lead committed and loving lives together, and thus deserve the same legal protections and responsibilities as any other married couples.

This is a moment never envisioned 46 years ago when a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals took a stand against police brutality and started the stonewall riots. There are still many who did not think they would live to see this day. This ruling is the culmination of decades of work by countless activists and elected officials. Most were not fighting only for the rights of marriage, but for the right to exist. For the right to be an LGBT individual in America. Although marriage equality is a huge step forward, the struggle for LGBT civil rights will still continue. Like the other civil rights struggles before this, we will continue to work until all people are truly equal in the eyes of not only the law, but in the hearts and minds of individuals across the nation and around the world."

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