Sun. July 13, 2003 12:00 AM

Chicago, IL - From the gym to the cutting-edge fashion of Raf Simons, mesh is must for summer.

Function: There are two main reasons mesh has had such a long popularity for workout and activewear: lightweight and breathability. With the variety of fabrications from as loose as fishnet to tightly perforated, mesh has easily transitioned out of the gym and onto the streets.

Fashion: What could be more comfortable, or more casually fashionable, on a warm summer evening than a tightly meshed tee with contrasting stitch detailing – perfect with jeans or dressed up with a pair of pressed khakis. Mesh works wonderfully as a layering piece as well. Normally wear a t-shirt or ribbed tank under a crisp white shirt? Try a bright white or colored mesh tank or tee for added comfort, texture and style (very Dolce and Gabbana!)

Freedom: Tired of all that sand after volleyball or a visit to the beach? Make that day at the beach a “day at the beach” with not only a mesh tank or shorts, but a mesh bag as well. A mesh backpack for beach essentials will not only save you from digging into the depths, but is the perfect solution to the inevitable sandbox in the bottom of your bag (leave some sand for the rest of us, will ya?)

Let’s face it, summer in the city is sweaty and gritty enough as is, life is no fuss, no muss in mesh!

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